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Chocker Ball Pearl Necklace

Short necklace with silver plated ball pearls dispersed around the jewel. Necklace composed of silver plated metal covered in a high quality silver alloy,  made by Ciclon

55,90 EUR
Only 44,72 EUR
Moon Pearl Leather Necklace - Autentica

Long leather necklace with silver plated beads and a large double hoop pendant, topped by a marvelous white pearl in the center. Designed and produced by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon.

52,90 EUR
Only 42,32 EUR
Crystal Leaves Pendant Necklace - Rodeno

Short necklace, made of a fine silver chain with integrated leaves charms, adorned with a colorful Murano crystal. A charming creation in silver plated metal, made by hand from the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclón. 

40,90 EUR
Only 32,72 EUR
Necklace Elongated Pendants  - Personal

Short silver pendants necklace with an array of elongated dangling charms that have a silver plated finish and are dispersed on the bottom of the jewel. Short silver-plated charm necklace made by Ciclon

52,90 EUR
Only 47,61 EUR
Boho Style Leather Necklace - Devdan

Boho style black leather necklace with a talisman silver pendant, inspired by the native american style. A fabulous everyday favorite piece designed and crafted by Ciclon

36,90 EUR
Only 33,21 EUR
Gold Leaf Necklace - Chicori

Fine chain link necklace with an eye-catching leaf silver pendant. An amazing jewel of the new Botanic Sense, crafted and designed by Ciclon.

65,00 EUR
Only 52,00 EUR
Leather Choker with Swarovski Crystal

Choker necklace made of a brown leather cord, adorned with a grey Swarovski Crystal charm. Adjustable necklet made by Ciclon

32,90 EUR
Only 29,61 EUR
Pendant Silver Oval  - Luminaria

Fine silver chain link necklace made of silver plated metal, with an oval shaped pendant made by Ciclon

31,90 EUR
Only 25,52 EUR
Rectangle Pendant Necklace

Long silver-plated chain link necklace with a large rectangle pendant, topped by a Murano crystal in the center

41,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Silver Charm Necklace

Necklace made of silver plated ball pearls and dangling charm pendants, designed and crafted by Ciclon

67,90 EUR
Only 49,95 EUR
Leather necklace with a rectangle crystal pendant

Multi strand choker leather necklace made with irregular silver plated beads and Murano crystal pendant

46,90 EUR
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