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Boho Leather Necklace - Más allá

Necklace made of brown dangling leather cords, ornamented with silver-plated beads and tubes. The elements are joined together with a central ring to create a tie look.

37,90 EUR
Only 30,32 EUR
Y Chain Necklace - Eternidad

Lariat Y-shaped silver chain necklace with an eternity, infinity charm in the center of the jewel. An extravagant creation in silver plated metal, made by hand from the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclón

37,95 EUR
Only 26,57 EUR
Necklace Infinity Links - Por Siempre

Silver Chain necklace, consisting of three bigger infinity shaped links, alternating with smaller eternity links. The bigger ones carry light point crystals. Necklace made of silver plated metal, crafted by Ciclon

45,90 EUR
Only 36,72 EUR
Short Necklace  - Mini corazones

Silver chain link necklace made of small silver plated heart shaped charms. Short Silver charm necklace made by Ciclon

39,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Necklace 8 Crystal Leaf Charms - Ephedra
Short Necklace with beads and leaf shaped silver charms and eight Murano cristal pendants. The necklace is made of silver plated metal, covered with a high quality 925 silver alloy. Stunning necklace of the new Botanic Sense Collection made by Ciclon
69,90 EUR
Only 54,95 EUR
Boho Style Leather Necklace - Devdan

Boho style black leather necklace with a talisman silver pendant, inspired by the native american style. A fabulous everyday favorite piece designed and crafted by Ciclon

36,90 EUR
Only 29,52 EUR
Short Necklace - Mini Bocado

Fine chain link necklace with an eye-catching circle gold piece pendant. An cool jewel of the new collection crafted and designed of gold-plated brass by Ciclon.

62,95 EUR
Only 44,07 EUR
Gold Leaf Necklace - Chicori

Fine chain link necklace with an eye-catching leaf silver pendant. An amazing jewel of the new Botanic Sense, crafted and designed by Ciclon.

65,00 EUR
Only 52,00 EUR
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