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Chocker Ball Pearl Necklace

Short necklace with silver plated ball pearls dispersed around the jewel. Necklace composed of silver plated metal covered in a high quality silver alloy,  made by Ciclon

55,90 EUR
Only 44,72 EUR
Gold Choker Necklace - Sin Fín

Alluring chain link necklace made of gold-plated brass, combined with a beautiful infinity charm as the center piece. Engaging choker necklace of the new collection designed and made by Ciclon

our price 60,90 EUR
Your price 48,72 EUR
savings 20%
Moon Pearl Leather Necklace - Autentica

Long leather necklace with silver plated beads and a large double hoop pendant, topped by a marvelous white pearl in the center. Designed and produced by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon.

our price 52,90 EUR
Your price 42,32 EUR
savings 20%
Necklace Elongated Pendants  - Personal

Short silver pendants necklace with an array of elongated dangling charms that have a silver plated finish and are dispersed on the bottom of the jewel. Short silver-plated charm necklace made by Ciclon

our price 52,90 EUR
Your price 42,32 EUR
savings 20%
Boho Style Leather Necklace - Devdan

Boho style black leather necklace with a talisman silver pendant, inspired by the native american style. A fabulous everyday favorite piece designed and crafted by Ciclon

our price 36,90 EUR
Your price 29,52 EUR
savings 20%
Gold Leaf Necklace - Chicori

Fine chain link necklace with an eye-catching leaf silver pendant. An amazing jewel of the new Botanic Sense, crafted and designed by Ciclon.

our price 65,00 EUR
Your price 52,00 EUR
savings 20%
Leather Choker with Swarovski Crystal

Choker necklace made of a brown leather cord, adorned with a grey Swarovski Crystal charm. Adjustable necklet made by Ciclon

32,90 EUR
Only 29,61 EUR
Pendant Silver Oval  - Luminaria

Fine silver chain link necklace made of silver plated metal, with an oval shaped pendant made by Ciclon

31,90 EUR
Only 25,52 EUR
Rectangle Pendant Necklace

Long silver-plated chain link necklace with a large rectangle pendant, topped by a Murano crystal in the center

41,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
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