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Y Chain Necklace - Eternidad

Lariat Y-shaped silver chain necklace with an eternity, infinity charm in the center of the jewel. An extravagant creation in silver plated metal, made by hand from the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclón

37,95 EUR
Only 27,95 EUR
Leaf Crystal Pendant Necklace
Silver chain link necklace with a colorful leaf shaped Murano crystal pendant. Necklace made by Ciclon, which is the perfect accessory for any  of your outfits
44,90 EUR
Only 31,43 EUR
Versatile Multi Strand Necklace - Esencia

Striking multi-faceted necklace based on leather cords, combining silver plated elements in the form of pearls and an array of curved tubular pieces. Designed and handcrafted by Ciclon

99,90 EUR
Only 69,93 EUR
Long & Multistrand Leather Necklace

Long two row leather necklace made of silver plated beads and two Murano crystal pendants

87,95 EUR
Only 59,95 EUR
Necklace Silver Leaf Charms - Melisa

Short Necklace with elongated leaf shaped silver plated beads. A timeless treasure designed to accentuate your neckline. A creation of the new Botanic Sense Collection, handcrafted by Ciclon

49,90 EUR
Only 34,93 EUR
Leather Necklace - Turtle
Casual necklace with a round braided leather cord, composed with a silver pendant in the shape of a turtle.
59,00 EUR
Only 35,40 EUR
Short Grey Cotton Necklace

Short silver beaded necklace, with three, grey waxed cotton threads, adorned with small silver plated beads and at the lower end there is a dangling medallion.

29,90 EUR
Only 17,94 EUR
Col90 - Ethnic Chain Necklace
Bold necklace in tribal style with a cool mix of leather and silver. The necklace carries arrows and other eye catching charms.
69,00 EUR
Only 48,30 EUR
Short Necklace  - Mini corazones

Silver chain link necklace made of small silver plated heart shaped charms. Short Silver charm necklace made by Ciclon

39,90 EUR
Only 27,93 EUR
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