Bronce Bangles Collection

Vibrant Pigments Bangle Bracelets 

The bracelets from Angels Hoch are avant-garde. They range from bold geometric shapes to unusual artisan hand-made pieces of art. These bangels are crafted with traditional techniques such as fire enamel combined or with vibrant pigments. Her stand out designs are made of bronze and usually come in a wonderfully luminous and vibrant color tone.

Artistic Turquoise Bronze Bangle
The open, rigid bangle bracelet in massive bronze comes in the combination of an azul and turquoise patina made by angels hoch. Amazing look through a very attractive gold and color combinations
109,00 EUR
Black Die Cut Bracelet

The wide Vintage bangle bracelet in massive bronze comes with a black patina made by the jewelry designer angels hoch in Barcelona

95,00 EUR
Blue Triangle Bronze Bracelet

The wide bangle bracelet comes in the harmonious color combination of bronze and as a centerpiece a blue triangle. The geometrical design represents perfectness, unity, and importance. Made in Barcelona by angels hoch. 


109,00 EUR
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