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Silver Necklace Color Charms - Luz
Leather silver necklace, composed by leather strands, combining a silver chain, adorned with four colorful crystal beads. Designed and crafted by b&g
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Your price 42,21 EUR
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Chunky Link Silver Bracelet - Asideras
Stylish chain bracelet with eight rounded square shaped links in silver-plated metal. Beautiful arm jewel designed and crafted by Ciclon.
our price 35,90 EUR
Your price 32,31 EUR
savings 10%
Silver Chain Bracelet - Tubo

Chain link bracelet with silver plated classic hoop links, accompanied with a silver tube as a centerpiece. The length is regulated with a silver-plated metal chain. Fine jewelry piece designed and crafted by Ciclon. 

our price 26,00 EUR
Your price 23,40 EUR
savings 10%
Bracelet First Aid

Bracelet with silver plated chain und silver und Murano crystal charms

our price 44,50 EUR
Your price 40,05 EUR
savings 10%