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unode50 gold collection
The UNOde50 gold collection consists of re-issued 'ICON' models and new designs. It is a collection of glamor with original designs and groundbreaking, striking pieces, all made in Madrid. The UNOde50 gold jewels are covered with a 3-microns gold plating.
Gold Hoop Earrings - Knot Knot
Gold plated metal earrings, hoop-shaped, with its surface marked and a knot in the center of the hoops, has the characteristic handmade finishing of UNOde50. Gold earrings with posts closure made by UNOde50
69,00 EUR
Only 55,20 EUR
Round Compass Earrings Gold
Gold plated ear studs that are symbolizing a compass, inspired by maritime gadgets that were used during their long travels in search of treasures. 
49,00 EUR
Only 39,20 EUR
Gold Earrings Three Hoops
Half long gold plated earrings composed of three hoops joined in between. A simple and cool design which you will be the center of the attention.
99,00 EUR
Only 79,00 EUR
Gold Earrings Clip - Twins

Hammered gold plated irregular round coin shaped earrings, with, adding a modern and casual touch to any look. The closure is a clip fastener

59,00 EUR
Gold Ring - Light as a Feather

Gold plated ring, open and curled but with a flat surface, that will beautify all your daily outfits. Do not hesitate to select this purest oriental style jewel with the unmistakable brand of UNOde50 

79,00 EUR
Gold Ring Bee - Bzz

Open gold plated ring with a bee shaped charm on each end and three green crystals on the other. The cool ring is inspired by nature and is made in the unmistakable UNOde50 style

89,00 EUR
Twin Gold Ball Ring - Zen

Silver plated open ring with two rounded ball shaped pieces.. The Zen style jewel will balance all your outfits this season.  A jewel with an artful, classy design handcrafted by UNOde50, which you can wear at any occasion.

89,00 EUR
Gold Beaded Pearl Bracelet
Uniquely designed bracelet with gold plated round beads and a fixed trinket. Stretch bracelet with gold plated pearls and a tube element.
119,00 EUR
Compass Leather Bracelet

Adjustable brown leather bracelet with a gold plated medallion with an engraved compass. A piece inspired by maritime riggings that were used in long travels sailing the seas in search of treasures

69,00 EUR
Only 62,10 EUR
Gold Key Ring

Gold–plated ring in unique key shaped silhouette of UNOde50

79,00 EUR
V-shaped Ring - Gold

Gold plated double ring, consisting of two rings linked by a central V-shaped shaft, which creates a very original effect.

65,00 EUR
Dragonfly Gold Leather Bracelet - Circulando
Brown leather bracelet with a gold-plated dragonfly charm
69,00 EUR
Gold Ball Pearl Bracelet - Snowflake
Bracelet with an elegant chain, composed of round ball pearls of gold-plated metal. Finished with the emblematic UNO 50 padlock.
99,00 EUR
Shackle Gold Cuff Bracelet
Rigid Gold plated cuff bracelet in an original horseshoe shape and with a shackle screw clasp. Bangle bracelet made of gold-plated metal made by UNOde50
129,00 EUR
Ball Gold Choker - Zen

Open choker gold plated necklace with two rounded ball pieces at each of the ends. The jewel gives a trendy touch to your outfits. The choker adapts through its closing mechanism perfectly to the neck. Gold-plated choker made from UNO de 50 

239,00 EUR
Only 189,00 EUR
Gold Dragonfly Necklace

Short gold-plated necklace with a dragonfly pendant. Hand-crafted in Spain.

169,00 EUR
Only 149,00 EUR
Elephant Pendant - Afroking

Short leather necklace composed of three brown leather laces and an elephant-shaped pendant as the central element. The elephant is created of gold plated metal.

129,00 EUR
Double Strand Gold Necklace - Navy

Double layered necklace, composed of fine gold-plated ball chains and a medallion which represents an engraved ancient ship. A boho chic style jewel that you can wear for elegant and occasions

169,00 EUR
Eye Gold Necklace - Tears

Powerful gold plated long necklace, consisting of two chains: the inner one, with an oval charm; the outer one, with the same eye shaped charm but bigger, adorned with dangling feathers, both with Swarovski blue crystals as their centerpiece. Several natural looking stones emerge from the outer chain.

99,00 EUR
Bird Gold Bangle - Come fly with me

Elegant open gold plated bangle bracelet with the design of a flying swallow, that represents the graceful flight of the iconic eastern bird. The bracelet has a spring mechanism in the centre for an easy opening.

109,00 EUR
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