Necklaces Specials

Col 38 - Chain Necklace Turquoise Stones
198,00 EUR
only 99,00 EUR
C171810 - Pink Crystal Pendant
Leather Necklace with silver beads and Murano crystal pendant. Dressy, playful necklace and with modern edge.
79,90 EUR
only 59,95 EUR
C152842 - Necklace Red Pendants

Silver bead necklace with grape style resin pendants

47,35 EUR
only 34,95 EUR

Silver charm necklace made of silver plated rectangle shaped charms

49,95 EUR
only 39,90 EUR
C161868 - Fun Charm Necklace

Silver charm necklace made of various fun and happy silver pendants

47,90 EUR
only 39,95 EUR
C142808 - Necklace Angel Wing
Necklace with an angel wing pendant made on a brown cotton cord with silver and resin beads.
24,90 EUR
only 17,95 EUR
Col90 - Ethnic Chain Necklace
Bold necklace in tribal style with a cool mix of leather and silver. The necklace carries arrows and other eye catching charms.
69,00 EUR
only 49,00 EUR
C 8710 - Necklace Spikes
Silver plated Necklace with spike pendants and strass beads. Dressy, playful necklace and with modern edge, made by Ciclon.
38,75 EUR
only 24,90 EUR
C152829 - Rhombus charm necklace

Silver charm necklace made of silver plated rhombus shaped charms

46,80 EUR
only 39,90 EUR
C152835 - Necklace Yellow Green
Short necklace with irregular silver plated beads, adorned with yellow, green and orange Murano crystals. With this necklace you give your look a little shine.
54,90 EUR
only 39,00 EUR
C162826 - Feather and Owl Pendant

Long silver chain charm necklace made of feather shaped silver charms, Murano glass crystals and an owl pendant

39,90 EUR
only 34,95 EUR
C162807 - Coral crystal pendant
Murano fine silver ball bead necklace with a colorful Murano crystal pendant
24,95 EUR
only 21,95 EUR
Collier Colmillo
39,00 EUR
only 19,95 EUR
Co19 - Short Chain Necklace
Short silver chain link necklace with an original closure clasp, made by the spanish jewellery creator Numero3
59,00 EUR
only 39,00 EUR
C142813 - Choker Necklace Skull Pendant
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27,30 EUR
only 19,95 EUR
C161842 - Necklace Turquoise Fish Pendant

Short silver chain necklace with a charm pendant in form of a fish

29,90 EUR
only 24,95 EUR
Col16 - Horn Leather Necklace
Bold necklace in tribal style with a cool mix of dark brown leather and two silver horns. The double strand necklace is created by the jewellery maker Numero 3
69,00 EUR
only 49,00 EUR
Golden Fang Pendant
Long brown leather necklace with a gold-plated fang-shaped charm pendant (2 micras). Cool tooth pendant leather necklace made by b&g
43,00 EUR
only 29,90 EUR

Long leather necklace made of silver plated beads in combination with brown leather cords

80,90 EUR
only 59,95 EUR
C181800 - Black Moon Necklace

Short black leather necklace made of several leather cords and silver plated beads,  as well as with a metal pendant decorated with Murano crystal

44,95 EUR
only 29,95 EUR
C171845 - Necklace Pura Vida Pendant

Fine silver bead necklace with two leaf shaped pendants, one made of Murano crystal, one engraved silver tag - Pura Vida. The Murano crystal comes in color dark gray.

29,95 EUR
only 24,95 EUR
PM 204 - Silver Necklace Deer
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99,00 EUR
only 49,50 EUR
Tiger Eye Necklace
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41,90 EUR
only 19,90 EUR
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