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C162804 - Heart Necklace

Multi strand leather necklace made of silver plated beads and Murano crystals and pendants in form of hearts

59,90 EUR
Only 44,95 EUR
Col 38 - Chain Necklace Turquoise Stones
198,00 EUR
Only 99,00 EUR
C181804 - Long Black Leather Necklace Hoop Pendant

Necklace with various black leather laces, silver beads and a silver plated pendant.

48,10 EUR
Only 34,95 EUR
Pink Crystal Pendant
Leather Necklace with silver beads and Murano crystal pendant. Dressy, playful necklace and with modern edge.
79,90 EUR
Only 49,95 EUR
C172807 - Rectangle crystal pendant

Short leather necklace with silver beads and a colorful Murano crystal pendant

59,90 EUR
Only 47,92 EUR
C 10 - Necklace Colorful Resin Pendants
34,90 EUR
Only 12,90 EUR
C142808 - Necklace Angel Wing
Necklace with an angel wing pendant made on a brown cotton cord with silver and resin beads.
24,90 EUR
Only 17,95 EUR
Col90 - Ethnic Chain Necklace
Bold necklace in tribal style with a cool mix of leather and silver. The necklace carries arrows and other eye catching charms.
69,00 EUR
Only 49,00 EUR
Leather necklace with a rectangle crystal pendant

Multi strand choker leather necklace made with irregular silver plated beads and Murano crystal pendant

46,90 EUR
Only 37,52 EUR
C172816 - Beaded Silver Necklace

Silver beaded necklace made of silver plated beads and Murano crystals. Designed and crafted by Ciclon jewellery

65,90 EUR
Only 49,95 EUR
Leather Necklace - Bat
Casual necklace with a round braided leather cord, composed with a silver pendant in the shape of a bat.
59,00 EUR
Only 29,50 EUR
Collier Colmillo
39,00 EUR
Only 19,95 EUR
Leather Necklace Gold Links
Leather necklace with a chain made of gold-plated brass, in combination with silver coin pendants that replicate roman coins.
79,00 EUR
Only 49,90 EUR
Col16 - Horn Leather Necklace
Bold necklace in tribal style with a cool mix of dark brown leather and two silver horns. The double strand necklace is created by the jewellery maker Numero 3
69,00 EUR
Only 49,00 EUR
Necklace Turquoise Fish Pendant

Short silver chain necklace with a charm pendant in form of a fish

29,90 EUR
Only 24,95 EUR
Golden Fang Pendant
Long brown leather necklace with a gold-plated fang-shaped charm pendant (2 micras). Cool tooth pendant leather necklace made by b&g
43,00 EUR
Only 29,90 EUR
Leather Necklace Oval Medallion - Apogeo

Double Layer leather necklace, in combination with small silver plated beads and an original oval crystal medallion as a centerpiece. Crafted and designed by Ciclon

39,95 EUR
Only 31,96 EUR
Spiral Hoop Pendant

Necklace made of leather cords, in combination with a creative silver hoop pendant, which is produced of silver plated zamac. Created from the spanish jewelry manufacturer b&g

36,90 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR
Leather Wrap Choker Necklace
Leather choker necklace with two turns with a frontal cross as a centerpiece. Creation made by the Spanish Jewelry Atelier Numero 3
69,00 EUR
Only 39,00 EUR
PM 204 - Silver Necklace Deer
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99,00 EUR
Only 49,50 EUR
Tiger Eye Necklace
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41,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
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