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Handmade Rings, orginal and creative designs characterize the UNO de 50 jewellery brand. Pep up your looks with original and inspiring jewelry designs and looks. Don’t miss out on the silver plated UNOde50 rings with enchanting Swarovski Elements crystals, resin stones…and lots of colour!

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A 563 - Dragonfly Ring

Silver plated ring with an original structure that imitates the shape of a leaf. It conveys not only a fresh and casual style, but is elegant at the same time.

69,00 EUR
A 547 - Wave Ring

Wide silver ring in an original wavy rounded structure. Silver plated jewel with a differential design handcrafted by UNOde50.

79,00 EUR
A 558 - Silver Heart Ring

Wide silver-plated ring with an irregular heart as a centerpiece. Silver plated jewel with a different, flashy design handcrafted by UNOde50.

69,00 EUR
A 546 - Leaf Flower Ring

Silver plated ring with an original structure that imitates the shape of a leaf. It conveys not only a fresh and casual style, but is elegant at the same time.

69,00 EUR
A 540 - Aurora Borealis Swarovski Crystal

Silver-plated ring with a stunning Swarovski crystal, in Aurora Borealis blue/green colors, shaped like irregular ice cubes. A sophisticated design and finished with attention to the detail.

129,00 EUR
A 541 - Cube Ring with 3 Shiny Swarovski crystals

Silver-plated ring with a stunning Swarovski crystal in Sahara blue in an irregular ice cube shape. A sophisticated design and finished with attention to the detail.

139,00 EUR
A 551 - Four Color Resin Ring
Silver-plated ring that is made up of four stones of resin in different colors, which results in a striking and flattering design. An original creation that will add a touch of color to your daily outfits. 
89,00 EUR
A 552

Wide-silver plated ring in Boho chic style, adorned with a striking resin stone in turquoise blue color

79,00 EUR
A 293 - Rectangle Swarovski Ring
Aurora Borealis Ring with Swarovski Cyrstal


69,00 EUR
A 350

Wide curved silver ring in a matt silver design. Ring from UNO de 50

59,00 EUR
A 411
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59,00 EUR
A 423
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59,00 EUR
A 423 GR
Wide silver-plated metal ring with a horizontal rhombus-shaped grey Swarovski crystal in the centre
59,00 EUR
A 407 - Gold Key Ring

Gold–plated ring in unique key shaped silhouette of UNOde50

79,00 EUR
A 456 Gold

UNOde50 iconic ring, gold-plated and with an original design in the form of a modelling nail in an almost spiral form. Open ring with an absolutely unique effect

69,00 EUR
A 493

Massive silver plated metal ring with a lockable hinge and irregular thickness

49,00 EUR
A 484

Gold plated double ring, consisting of two rings linked by a central V-shaped shaft, which creates a very original effect.

65,00 EUR
A 499

Silver-plated open key ring with an unique and bold organic design that reflects the conceptual and independent style, which is a characteristic of UNOde50.

59,00 EUR
only 41,30 EUR
A 502

Massive silver plated metal ring in a wavy shape from UNOde50

55,00 EUR
The creation and desgin of individual jewelry is a science of its own and requires creativity and a special craftsmanship. Who does not want something unique, there is nothing more boring than a standardized mass product. UNO de 50 creates creative rings for its customers, making them accessible to those who appreciate the ingenuity of the ring design.

Selection of stones: Until recently, the rings of UNO de 50 were crafted with synthetic resine stones and Murano crystals. However, nowadays UNO de 50 rings are ornamented with sparkling Swarovski crystals. What is the reason? For one thing, it's simply aesthetic reasons, because the rings with sparkling Swarovski crystals are not only more beautiful, but also more mysterious. The ring becomes a stunning object and an eye-catcher.

Moreover, UNO de 50 also pursues a visionary strategy with the upgrade. Design and quality of the jewelry has been developed over the years. The creative but "normal" fashion jewelry became high end quality designer jewelry. These creations have been sold in various stores, fashion stores or exclusive home décor stores. Now the high quality jewelry is mainly offered to jewelers. Special branding, advertising and shop upgrades support the quality strategy.

In our iconic UNO de 50 ring collection there are quite a some statement rings. But, what are statement rings? These are bold, chunky rings that will attract views through their extraordinary shape, size, material or color. Statement jewelry is for nonconventional people who want to make a statement, by wearing pieces that are out of the normal. Most of the UNO de 50 rings have statement piece character through their large size and amazing look. For example, our rings with Swarovski crystals are breathtaking exceptional, due to shape of the ring, in combination with the beauty of the shiny, glittery crystal. The UNO de 50 rings with the Swarovski crystals are very variable to use. Chic to a pair of jeans, but also wonderfully seductive as a Cocktail Statement Ring to an evening dress for a wedding or other special occasion.

Beside our Swarovski crystal statement rings, we have stunning silver rings that differ themselves through their form and size. For example, right now we carry several wide band silver rings in a wave shape. Other cool pieces have a snake pattern, others come with a hammer effect. Currently stackable or stacking rings are top in trend. Here are smaller, individual rings, stacked up on your finger. Most of the time, the individual rings come in the same size and shape. This lets you to combinate these rings, wear all together or wear them indivialually.

Its on your choice. Statement rings are timeless. They are special pieces and you will always like them to wear. One time more, one time less. It also depends on your mood and wardrobe style.
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