Message Love Leather Bracelet

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Bracelet Dangling Charms

Brown leather bracelet decorated with silver plated beads and charms, among which are original shapes inspired by the wheat grains. A casual design with an unique and handmade finishing touch.

75,00 EUR
Only 59,00 EUR

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Silver Message Tag Bracelet - Health
Silver stretch message bracelet with a dangling, engraved tag with the saying - SALUD - which means health in spanish.
49,00 EUR
On Fire Bracelet with Red Beads

Leather message bracelet in a dark brown colour, decorated with silver beads and three dangling tags, one is engraved with the word "Amor", which stands for love

59,00 EUR
Only 44,95 EUR

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Hindu inspired Boho style anklet, composed of small irregular silver plates, adorned with embedded jade green Swarovski crystal beads and multiple dangling ball pearls that surround the body of the anklet. This cool piece is made of silver plated metal 100% by hand in Spain. Designed and crafted by UNOde50
119,00 EUR
Curbed Chain Bracelet with Leather
The bracelet is made of a half rounded silver chain, with twisted links and the other half is made of brown leather, created by XXL Hardwear
35,90 EUR
Only 32,31 EUR