Cupid Leather Bracelet

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Bracelet Round Hoop - Media Luna
Bracelet on a leather base, adorned with silver beads and a round metalic hoop ring sourrounding a white sphere in the center. Crafted and designed by UNO de 50
79,00 EUR

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Heart Choker Necklace - Cupid

Leather choker necklace composed of a twin leather cord and a silver heart in the center, made from UNO de 50. The length is regulated with a little silver plated metal chain, topped by a carabiner clasp and finished off by the characteristic UNOde50 padlock.

49,00 EUR
Heart Silver Pearl Bracelet - Love Freedom

Silver plated stretch bracelet with rounded pearl beads and a small tube, adorned with two dangling charms, one is a red crystal and the other is in the shape of a heart pendant.

79,00 EUR