Delicate Gold Pearl Charm Bracelet

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Green Starfish Earrings

Long earrings on leather decorated with silver-plated beads and crystals in water green color. Includes a dangling silver charm inspired by a starfish

59,00 EUR
Colorful Beaded Leather Bracelet - Any Time

Bracelet composed of silver-plated pieces combined with craft crystals in pastel colors from which some are dragonfly shaped. Leather laces combined with the colorful beads

69,00 EUR
Multi Layer Charm Bracelet - El Lio Pardo
Bracelet made of varios leather cords, ornamented with silver plated charms in the shape of pearls and little coins, which are engraved with UNOde50
79,00 EUR
Sea Charms Silver Bracelet - Waikiki

Silver ball stretch bracelet adorned with silver plated beads and ocean inspired charms. Beach style bracelet with starfishs, fish tails, corals and shells

69,00 EUR
Pastel Bracelet - Orilla

Silver plated women's elastic bracelet that includes striking, ocean inspired handcrafted crystals in different shades of blue, green and coral.

59,00 EUR
Only 53,10 EUR