Inter Hook Silver Bangle Bracelet

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Snake Earrings - Mrs Bhikaiji
Silver plated earrings that symbolize a being of extraordinary spiritual presence in India: the snake, a cult animal whose spirit stand for the protection of fountains, rivers, treasures and goods
our price 69,00 EUR
Your price 62,10 EUR
savings 10%
Carved Fang Earrings - Feather in the breeze
Earrings carved like small feathers, sculpted delicately throughout the whole piece with which you will give sparks to your daily outfits.
our price 59,00 EUR
Your price 53,10 EUR
savings 10%
Orchid Ear Studs - Mrs Begum
Orchid stud earrings formed by two side by side pieces: one of them, made of silver plated metal, the other, made of a white orange Swarovski crystal, colors that symbolizes the purity in Indian culture. Silver earrings with a posts closure made by UNOde50
our price 89,00 EUR
Your price 80,10 EUR
savings 10%
Hoop Earrings - Signs
Extravagant silver plated hoop earrings in a hammered look, which consists of two circles that are joined by a thin needle-shaped bead. Silver earrings with posts closure of the squad collection
our price 79,00 EUR
Your price 71,10 EUR
savings 10%

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Feather Cuff Leather Wristband

Semi rigid bracelet with brown leather and an adjustable buckle closure. It includes a silver plated feather plate in its central part. 

our price 99,00 EUR
Your price 89,10 EUR
savings 10%