Open silver cuff bracelet swarovski crystal
Open Rigid Silver Bangle - Mukuru
Preview: Open silver cuff bracelet swarovski crystal
Preview: Open Rigid Silver Bangle - Mukuru

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Purple Crystal Spiral Ring - Looping

Wide ring made of beautiful irregularly arranged rings that are joined by a Swarovski crystal in an amethyst colour.

89,00 EUR
Only 80,10 EUR
Beaded Bracelet & Blue Crystal - Magic

Bracelet made of dark brown leather decorated with small silver plated beads and a crystal in the centre of an amethyst colour and oval shape. A stunning jewel with original silver plated metal beads in a combination with a Swarovski crystal.

89,00 EUR
Bracelet Purple Crystal - Arrow me

Wide multi strand bracelet of several leather straps combined with silver-plated beads and a striking Swarovski crystal medallion in an amethyst tone located in the center

139,00 EUR

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Shackle Silver Bracelet - Reward
Rigid Silver plated cuff bracelet in a particular horseshoe form with its ends joined by a bolt. Bangle bracelet made of silver-plated metal made by UNOde50
99,00 EUR
Curved Silver Bangle - Venus
Rigid silver plated bangle bracelet with a spring mechanism for easy opening and closure and an inter hook clasp as a center piece. Cool minimalist inspiration jewel made by UNOde50. 
79,00 EUR