Leather Choker Silver White Beads
Short leather necklace combined by white pearls
Preview: Leather Choker Silver White Beads
Preview: Short leather necklace combined by white pearls

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White Pearl Ring - Superlative

Silver plated ring topped with a round shaped white pearl as a main feature. A jewel with an elegant, classy design handcrafted by UNOde50, which you can wear at any occasion.

89,00 EUR
Pearl Bracelet - Moody
Leather-based bracelet with silver plated beads and a white sphere in the center, framed between three round silver balls larger than the rest.
89,00 EUR
Leather Ball and Pearl Necklace - Energy Boost

Short silver charm necklace with a silver pearl chain and multiple key and white pearl charms. Some charms are crafted with brown leather, detailing the craftmanship and essence of the UNOde50 brand.

149,00 EUR

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Choker Necklace 5 White Pearls - Superlative

Standout style choker necklace formed by a multitud of silver plated beads and topped by five opulent white pearls in the center. The length is regulated with a silver-plated metal chain

169,00 EUR