Turquoise Bronze Bangle Bracelet

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Blue Bloc Ring - Art composition

Elongated bronze ring with a blue colored patina created of two artistic blocs. A captivating jewelry design, crafted and painted by hand from angels hoch, Barcelona


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Elongated Blue Earrings

Abstract designer earrings in an elongated, sculpted shape, in bronze and with a blue patina, made by angels hoch. The handmade earrings are annealed, folded, hammered and drilled.


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Curved Turquoise Choker
Extravagant choker necklace, inspired by the artistic spirit of Barcelona’s iconic architect Antoni Gaudi. Crafted in bronze, the pendant features a captivating curved and arched design and is a true work of wearable art. The unique turquoise and blue patina adds an element of intrigue and individuality. Wearing this Gaudi-inspired necklace is like carrying a piece of Barcelona’s creative legacy with you: the fusion of architectural brilliance and artisanal craftsmanship.


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