Ciclon Leather Bracelet

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Bracelet Sphere - Different

Bracelet composed of a chain in the form of rolo links, topped with a dangling sphere pendant, encirceling a pearl inside. The silver-plated bracelet is crafted by Ciclon

42,90 EUR
Leaf Pendant Bracelet - Saja

Silver chain link bracelet with a dangling pendant in a leaf shape charm. The lenght of the silver plated jewel can be regulated via a small chain. Crafted by Ciclon

29,95 EUR
Bracelet of Harmony - Karma

The bracelet of karma is a popular harmony talisman, made of ball pearl chain, adorned with a yin & yang charm and a peace sign. The handcrafted silver plated bracelet is designed and created by the spanish jewelry maker Ciclon

29,95 EUR