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Geometric Crystal Earrings - Sofisticado

Silver earrings made with faceted crystals, mounted on silver-plated metal. Lever back closure earrings, handcrafted in Spain from the Art Deco Collection of the Ciclón 1998 brand. A creation that will illuminate your smile.

29,95 EUR
Silver Stretch Charm Bracelet - Origen
Attractive silver chain link bracelet, with several dangling pendants in form of pearls and leaf charms. The striking jewel is made in Madrid by Ciclon
41,90 EUR

This product is similar to:

Elastic Infinity Bracelet - Sin Limite

Stretch bracelet with silver-plated rounded beads and infinity shaped links that surround the jewel. Designed by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

29,95 EUR
Only 26,96 EUR