Curved Silver Choker & Chains
Silver Choker with chains
Preview: Curved Silver Choker & Chains
Preview: Silver Choker with chains

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Curved Choker & Leather Pendants
Handmade curved silver choker necklace made with sterling silver plated metal. The main attraction are the cool dangling leather pendants in combination with small silver tubes at the end of the strands. Designed and crafted from the spanish jewelry company b&g
51,90 EUR
Y Chain Necklace - Eternidad

Lariat Y-shaped silver chain necklace with an eternity, infinity charm in the center of the jewel. An extravagant creation in silver plated metal, made by hand from the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclón

37,95 EUR
Only 26,57 EUR
Multi Chain Bracelet - Instante

Chain link bracelet with several silver plated classic hoop cable links, adorned with a crystal colored fish symbol charm as a centerpiece. The silver-plated jewelry piece is designed and craftedby b&g.

49,90 EUR

This product is similar to:

Curved Bronze Pendant
Sculpted, folded necklace in bronze, finished with an unique turquoise patina made by angels hoch. The handmade pendant is annealed, folded, hammered and drilled. The necklace is made up of four fiber cords.
85,00 EUR
Wide Ladder Bracelet - Odele

Wide, elastic ladder bracelet made with elongated charms. The silver-plated bracelet is part of Ciclon's 25-year anniversary revival collection. Bracelet made of silver plated metal, crafted by Ciclon

52,90 EUR