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Bracelet Dangling Pendants - Zicatela

Silver chain link bracelet with five, round, dangling pendants that are engraved with aztecs symbols. Designed and crafted by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

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White Pearl Ring - Lucky Strike
Silver plated ring topped with a round shaped white pearl cabochon as the centerpiece of the finger candy. A jewel with an elegant, classy design handcrafted by UNOde50
69,00 EUR
Only 55,20 EUR
Four Beads Ring

Long elongated metal ring covered in 925 sterling silver, topped with four silver beads. Designed and produced by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

29,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
4 Pearls Stackable Ring

Stackable silver ring consisting of four individual pieces, which carry a ball pearl on the top. Using several rings on one finger is a cutting-edge trend

our price 30,95 EUR
Your price 27,86 EUR
savings 10%
Sphere Earrings - Different

Silver-plated hoop earrings with a circle pendant surrounding a sphere. Classy earrings of the new Collection crafted by the Spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon

34,95 EUR
Only 29,95 EUR