Bracelet silver triangle chunky pearls

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Two Row Bracelet Square Charms - Cubica

Eye-catching wide bracelet made of leather cords, which combines square shaped silver charms. Leather wristband bracelet made by Ciclon

47,90 EUR
Bracelet Heart Shaped Silver Pearls
Double row silver pearl bracelet made with irregular rounded heart shaped beads. It is a type of silver pearl band bracelet. Designed and created by Ciclon
39,50 EUR
Only 31,60 EUR

This product is similar to:

Beaded Stretch Bracelet
Attractive stretch bracelet with oval silver beads dispersed around the jewel. The creative irregular beads are plated in 925 silver, all made by Ciclon
31,90 EUR
Only 21,90 EUR
Elastic Silver Bracelet - Haba

Stretch bracelet with silver-plated irregular beads and a chunky silver charm in the center. Designed and crafted by the spanish jewelry manufucturer b&g

37,90 EUR