Double Strand Pearl Bracelet

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Silver Message Tag Bracelet - Health
Silver stretch message bracelet with a dangling, engraved tag with the saying - SALUD - which means health in spanish.
59,00 EUR
Silver Ball Pearl Bracelet - Snowflake
Bracelet with an elegant chain, composed of round ball pearls of silver-plated metal. Finished with the emblematic UNO 50 padlock.
79,00 EUR

This product is similar to:

Double Oval Bracelet - Nancy

Double strand bracelet consisting of leather cords in which silver plated metal pieces in an oval shape are intertwined.

85,00 EUR
Talisman Bracelet - Beliefs

Let yourself be seduced by the Beliefs bracelet, made with a chain of pearls and four central charms adorn this masterpiece, each one a symbol of good fortune and protection. It has been made in Spain with artisanal techniques by UNOde50. The Protected Collection celebrates ancestral objects transformed into talismans, designed not only to attract good luck, but also as a protective shield against adversity.

55,00 EUR
4 Tube Bracelet

Leather bracelet with four leather strands. Long tube details and clasp in silver-plated metal alloy.

90,00 EUR