Double Strand Pearl Bracelet

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Silver Message Tag Bracelet - Health
Silver stretch message bracelet with a dangling, engraved tag with the saying - SALUD - which means health in spanish.
80,00 EUR
Silver Ball Pearl Bracelet - Snowflake
Bracelet with an elegant chain, composed of round ball pearls of silver-plated metal. Finished with the emblematic UNO 50 padlock.
90,00 EUR

This product is similar to:

Double Oval Bracelet - Nancy

Double strand bracelet consisting of leather cords in which silver plated metal pieces in an oval shape are intertwined.

85,00 EUR
Ball Pearl Leather Bracelet - Rodando Voy

Chic brown leather cord bracelet with silver plated ball pearls of irregular size and shapes. The piece comes with an original beret-style clasp and conveys a casual look

60,00 EUR