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The Livit Trading S.L. is a spanish retail enterprise with a German/Austrian background, founded in the spring 2007.
We specialize in home accessories and spanish jewelry. We are located in Barcelona, Spain.

Entrance of the Livit Store

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The Livit Trading S.L. offers a variety of stylish, high-quality, reasonably priced merchandise for the home, including decorative
accessories, artwork, lighting, unique spanish jewelery, trendy handbags and souvenirs from around the world, as well as
considering Spanish artwork. Livit gained recognition through their great jewelry collection and carries the most important
spanish brands.

You can buy our cool jewelry in our Online Shop. However, if you are heading to Barcelona, we invite you to visit our physical shop
in Barcelona. Here you can get the feel and the touch of the silver jewelry and see the new trends. Wheather you search for silver
chain bracelets or leather cuff wristbands, check our huge silver jewelry collection.

If you have any questions about our business, or questions about our products, please send us a mail to:  livit@mail.com

We are happy about every contact!

Livit, Feel it, Love it and LIVE YOUR STYLE!

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Due to the economic situation, our fisical shop is currently closed. Orders can be placed via our webstore.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.


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