How to clean Silver Jewellery

Care of silver jewellery:

Most of our jewellery is silver plated with sterling silver. Silver reacts to air and light, and in certain cases to the PH level of a humans transpiration. Normally it is sufficient to polish the jewels up and wipe and clean with a damp cloth. However, if you do not wear the piece and the jewels are not stored correctly, it may become tarnished.

How to clean silver jewellery? Use a silver cotton path to get rid of the dark spots. Silver cotton paths should not be used often, if you clean silver-plated jewellery, since you will always polish off some of the silver.


Storage of silver jewellery:

There are three basic rules: no light, no air, and dry storage. Store the jewelry in a sealable plastic bag and put it in a jewellery box. This also can be a Tupperware. Keep the box in a dark, dry place where no direct light and humidity prevails.
Before storing the jewelry, polish the piece dry, get rid of possible creams and moisture. The ideal case would be, if your jewelry does not come into contact with perfumes or other cosmetic products.