Ring size Guide

​Find the perfect Ring size:

Choose your ring according to the ring size standards. Please note that the jewellery is made by hand, therefore it may vary slightly, none is like the other. We want that you choose the proper size, even though each ring is different due to its nature referring to width, lenght and weight. The table below will assist you.
    Internal diameter Internal circumference      
  Size millimeter millimeter UK US Inches
Small - 13 16,9 53 L 6 1/2 0,67
small 14 17,2 54 M 6 3/4 0,68
Medium - 15 17,5 55 N 7 0,69
medium 16 17,8 56 O 7 1/2 0,70
Large - 17 18,1 57 P 7 3/4 0,71
large 18 18,5 58 Q 8 1/4 0,73
Large + 19 18,8 59 R 8 3/4 0,74
XL - 20 19,1 60 S 9 0,75
XL 21 19,4 61 T 9 1/2 0,76
XL 22 19,7 62 U 9 3/4 0,78

How to determine your ring size:

If the ring is small, with a fine, narrow base you can use a thread:
Find ring sizes using the finger circumference. The easiest way to determine the ring size is to measure with the help of a thread. Put this around the place of the finger at which the ring should sit later. Note that the thread also fits over the knuckle. The piece of thread you will held on to a ruler and determine the ring size.

If the ring is chunky, has a wider base, we recommend to use a ribbon or paper stripe (9 cm x 0,5 cm) :
Take in consideration the measure of the base of the ring, since most of our rings have a wide base. When the ring has a wide base, it takes more of your finger. For measurement purposes you better use a 1 cm wide ribbon or a paper strip. This gives you a more accurate measure for a chunky ring. 

Calculate your ring size using an existing ring:

Another possibility is to measure an existing ring, with a similar texture, shape. Measure the internal diameter and multiply this by Pi (3.14), then you have also the appropriate size. Our rings are usually not small or narrow rings. Use a ring which is big or chunky.

Please note: your fingers are subjected to influences such as cold and heat, daytime, Fluid increase or exercise of sports (eg fitness, tennis) and might thereby change slightly the shape of your finger.

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