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Horse Keychain - Hípica
Leather keychain, made with hanging charms with equestrian motifs: horseshoe, stirrup and horse. Silver plated keychain manufactured by Ciclon
29,95 EUR
Crystal Keychain - Laguna Negra

Secure your keys with our exquisite Blue and Turquoise Crystal Keychain. Crafted to dazzle, this accessory adds a touch of sophistication to your everyday essentials. Shop this functional accessory Keychain crafted and designed by Ciclon

31,90 EUR
Veterinary Keychain
Keychain made of brown leather and silver-plated charms, in the shape of a variety of animal motifs, dedicated to veterinarians and professionals in the care and protection of animals. Crafted by Ciclon
29,50 EUR
Keychain Horseshoe - Herradura
Keychain made of leather cords and with a silver plated horseshoe charm. The Length measures 88 mm including the strap. Silver plated keychain manufactured by Ciclon


26,90 EUR