Poker Queen Keychain

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Keychain Rectangle Pendant
Leather keychain with a brown, rectangular glass pendant. Crafted by the spanish jewelry manufacturer Ciclon
24,90 EUR
Only 17,43 EUR
Crystal Keychain - Laguna Negra

Secure your keys with our exquisite Blue and Turquoise Crystal Keychain. Crafted to dazzle, this accessory adds a touch of sophistication to your everyday essentials. Shop this functional accessory Keychain crafted and designed by Ciclon

31,90 EUR
Horse Keychain - Hípica
Leather keychain, made with hanging charms with equestrian motifs: horseshoe, stirrup and horse. Silver plated keychain manufactured by Ciclon
29,95 EUR
Keychain Causa y Efecto
Leather keychain with an irregular hoop-shaped pendant. A unique piece plated in high quality silver. This keychain is ideal for those looking for an original and sophisticated accessory for their daily life
28,90 EUR
Music Keychain
Thematic charms keychain that combines brown leather with silver plated musical motifs. A personal and conceptual design dedicated to music lovers.
30,90 EUR
Keychain Horseshoe - Herradura
Keychain made of leather cords and with a silver plated horseshoe charm. The Length measures 88 mm including the strap. Silver plated keychain manufactured by Ciclon


31,90 EUR
Needlewoman Key Chain
Brown leather key ring with charms used by a needlewoman, in form of a thimble, measuring tape and safety pin, made by Ciclon
29,50 EUR
Star Keychain - Lluvia de Estrellas

Leather keychain with beads and star charms decorated with colored Murano glass. The central star bears the inscription Shine. Keychain crafted and designed by Ciclon

30,90 EUR
Barber Keychain

Keychain made of brown leather and silver-plated charms, in the form of a variety of barber motifs. A recognition of their work, image and state of mind.

29,50 EUR