Ball Pearl Bracelet Message Tags

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Message Charm Bracelet - Lakilov
Braided Silver chain link message bracelet with engraved message tags, such as suerte (luck), peace and love and other symbolic pendants. Silver plated Bracelet from UNO de 50
105,00 EUR
Message Bracelet - Mama

The Mama bracelet carries different love and appreciation tags, such as I love you, forever, or love. Furthermore, there are two crystal pendants. The Bracelet fits casual outfits, as well suits the elegant wardrobe.

38,90 EUR
Message Bracelet - Motive

The bracelet carries different symbolic message tags, such as Carpe Diem, La Bella Vita, Now or Never, Vive Love Dreams. The Bracelet fits casual outfits, as well suits the elegant wardrobe. The creation can be layered in Boho chic vintage style with other bracelets.

39,90 EUR