Silver beaded necklace from Ciclon
Choker necklace dholki pearls
Preview: Silver beaded necklace from Ciclon
Preview: Choker necklace dholki pearls

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Silver Stretch Charm Bracelet - Origen
Attractive silver chain link bracelet, with several dangling pendants in form of pearls and leaf charms. The striking jewel is made in Madrid by Ciclon
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Rounded Silver Ring - Citra

Ring made of silver plated metal in a loophole in the center of the jewel. Stunning silver plated ring of the new Collection made by Ciclon

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Silver Ring Full Moon
Circle Ring, in the shape of the full moon is mounted in silver-plated metal. Designed and crafted by the spanish jewellery manufacturer Ciclon
34,90 EUR
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Hand Fan Earrings - Singular

Silver-plated earrings, composed of a hoop charm that is complementing a spanish like hand fan type pendant. The superb earrings are finished with a push back closure

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Open Silver Bangle - Cayo Largo

Silver bangle bracelet with a structure of in the shape of a fish tail, carrying a focal spring clasp design, which allows it to be easily put on and taken off your wrist. Made by Ciclon

39,90 EUR
Only 24,95 EUR

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Silver Flower Necklace - Tansy

Short necklace made with beautiful flower shaped silver plated beads. It is the wonderful piece to wear when you want to make a classy and an elegant statement. Designed and crafted by Ciclon jewellery

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Silver Beaded Chain - Selenita
Short necklace made with a silver link chain, on which multiple irregular silver beads are embedded.  
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Only 37,50 EUR