Silver anchor Bracelet 
Silver chain anchor bracelet 
Preview: Silver anchor Bracelet 
Preview: Silver chain anchor bracelet 

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R847 - Round Leather Bracelet
Rock style men bracelet with an 8mm round leather cord, whereas in the middle is a decorative beige colored sewing. A wristband in Biker look made by XXL Hardwear
29,90 EUR
Only 20,93 EUR
R101 - Wrap Bracelet Buddha

Wrap bracelet composed of brown leather cords with a Bhudda as a center piece. The ethnical Bhudda charm serves also as a magnetic clasp. Elaborated by XXL Hardwear.

34,90 EUR
Only 24,43 EUR
Skull and Snake Chain Bracelet
Chain Bracelet made of silver plated metal with a tag which features a skull and snake. The jewel, crafted by XXL Hardwear is in Biker or Rocker Style
33,90 EUR
Only 23,73 EUR