Silver Ring Rolled Threads

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XS Three Hoop Ring - Are you serious

Unique silver plated ring in an orbit, oval design

79,00 EUR
UNOde50 Tag Silver Bangle - Mars

Rigid silver plated bangle bracelet with an original signature tag and a simple hook clasp. Minimalist inspiration jewel with carrying the logo of UNOde50. This accessory surly is to be a magnet for admiring glances at any occasion.

105,00 EUR

This product is similar to:

Silver Ball Ring - Osiris

Wide silver-plated ring with an irregular heart as a centerpiece. Silver plated jewel with a different, flashy design handcrafted by UNOde50.

79,00 EUR
Only 71,10 EUR
Flower Ring Artemisa
Flower shaped silver ring with a brown resin bead in the center. A cool accessory that is a true eye-catcher and statement piece. Jewel handcrafted in Spain
39,00 EUR